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Respecting Otherness in Networks of Relationships

In June 2016 a conference ‘Respecting Otherness in Networks of Relationships’ will be held in Rovaniemi, Finland. Rovaniemi lies at the Arctic Circle.

The program of the conference is being prepared. Professor, PhD Tom Erik Arnkil and professor, PhD Jaakko Seikkula together with local forces are organizing a meeting that is concentrating on relationships in networking. The participants will also get a good look at how dialogical approach on networks is done in Rovaniemi. The municipality of Rovaniemi has developed early open co-operation over ten years.

So, please mark the dates from 10th to 12th of June 2016 in your calendar and wait for more information at this site.

Heikki Ervast

Program - Ohjelma - Coming soon

The conference Respecting Otherness in Networks of Relationships will be dialogical in every sense. The plenary presentations and workshops will cover open dialogicity in professional practices and in everyday encounters, within organizations and in management – and both the plenary sessions and the workshops will be dialogical settings instead of one-way dissemination.

Rovaniemi has already for 10 years worked towards a culture of Early Open Cooperation, beginning with processes involving staff, management and users in social, health and educational services, and widening the perspective all the more. The special flavor in Rovaniemi is the emphasis and a long term vision on a dialogical culture and relational network orientation, not mere methods and projects. We welcome practitioners, users, researches, administrators, educators and politicians to join in a dialogue aiming at sustainable dialogical culture.

The program for plenary presentations will be announced shortly. Proposals for workshops are welcome. The call for papers will end in March 2016. Please follow our website for details and spread the site link to your colleagues and other interested partners!

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