Is my real estate in danger from the floods?

Follow flood forecasts and information bulletins.

Environmental administration’s hydrological situation, forecasts and preparation instructions in English

Maps showing the areas that are at risk from flooding in Rovaniemi have been compiled on the City of Rovaniemi’s flood pages. Properties in the areas that are at risk from floods with a frequency of 1/20, 1/50 and 1/100 years are marked on the maps.

See the City of Rovaniemi’s flood maps here

Please keep in mind that flood forecasts and maps are always approximate and advisory. Flooding can also cause damage to properties that are not included in the areas marked as being at risk from flooding. Similarly, flooding may not cause damage to properties that are included in the areas at risk of flooding. The estate owner is always responsible for protecting their property. It is better to take too many precautions against flooding than too few.

The materials and tools needed to protect a property from flooding can be found at a hardware shop. The City of Rovaniemi has created sand heaps in the yard area of Rollohalli at Napapiirintie 14 in Saarenkylä, from which people may freely take sand to help protect their properties. Please bring your own trailer or sacks with which to collect sand. More sand will be brought if necessary.

Submerged electricity distribution boards will continue to function and do not cause a greater-than-normal risk of electrocution, as fresh water is a poor conductor. However, unnecessary time should not be spent in the proximity of distribution boards that have been flooded.

Movement during a flood

As flood waters rise, some roads may become submerged. Use of these roads should be avoided, and some of them may have to be closed. The strength of flowing water can catch even an adult off guard, and children in particular should be reminded of the danger that cold flowing water poses.

  • Do not let children play in floodwater.
  • Do not drive or walk through floodwater. Dangers include manhole covers that have been washed away by the flood, creating unseen pits under the surface of the water.
  •  Rapidly moving water as shallow as 15 cm can topple a person.
  •  Cars can float in water as shallow as 60 cm.
  •  Floodwater is often dirty or contaminated. Wash your hands after coming into contact with floodwater.

More information and help

Please only call the emergency number in situations that involve an immediate threat to health and safety.

The City of Rovaniemi’s flood pages in Finnish

  • current information
  • maps showing properties in the areas that are at risk of flooding
  • instructions and advice for residents to be used before, during and after floods

The City of Rovaniemi’s flood line: tel. 0800 132 211 (open 12 noon – 3 p.m. from 14 May)

  • general situation and forecasts
  • Self-directed protection and responsibilities

The Rescue Services of Lapland’s flood pages in Finnish

 Rescue Services’ flood information line: tel. 040 126 4030 (all of Lapland)

  •  general guidance for self-preparedness
  •  non-urgent flood-related information during floods provided by private persons
  •  in urgent cases, call 112

 If necessary, the authorities will request help from volunteer organisations.

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