Targeted youth work

Youth house Rokka


Rokka is a place which produces services, group activities and other activities, which support mental health and welfare. You can contact targeted youth work such as outreach youth work, compulsory education coordinator or anti-bullying work. Rokka works also as a home for projects which develop services for the youngs.


Outreach youth work


Outreach youth workers offer low-threshold individual support for young people under the age of 29, especially in difficult situations. The aim is to promote the development of young people, help them become independent and take control of their lives, participate in the society while also assisting them in accessing education and the job market (transition phase work). Outreach youth work is free of charge and is based on voluntary participation. Working methods include service counseling, individual work and targeted group activities, as well as multi-professional networking. 


Cultural workshop “Kulttuuriverstas”


Cultural workshop is a place where young people are supported to connect with others, do things together as a group and seek direction for their future while working and studying. There are three workshops: Verstas, Vartti and Roti. 


Anti-bullying work


Anti-bullying work aims to resolve long-lasting and difficult bullying cases in schools and early childhood education. The anti-bullying coordinator is a professional youth worker who uses mediating methods in order to bring understanding between the children / youngsters, their families and the school staff. They cooperate with and are supported by social work and police when their expertise is required.




Oppivelvollisuustyö is youth work done with young people who have difficulties in participating in compulsory education. Coordinator offers guidance and support on a person's liability to participate in compulsory education which is required by Finnish law. Work is done with youngsters between the age of 15 to 17 who are without a place of study.


Detached youth work


In detached youth work the youth workers meet youngsters in their usual meeting places around the urban area such as shopping malls, school yards, sport fields and parks. This gives youth workers the possibility to reach out to youngsters who don’t attend to other youth activities. Detached youth work aims to increase the presence of safe adults in the life of youngsters and to inform them about the variety of services and activities available. The aim is also to prevent misbehavior, drug abuse and criminal activity. In Rovaniemi the detached youth work is done in cooperation by the outreach youth workers, regional youth workers, police and the local church youth workers.


Communal youth work

Activities during school holidays

Rovaniemi youth services also organize activities for children and young people during school holidays. The activities are planned on a yearly basis for different age groups taking into consideration current trends and the feedback from the previous years. Usually the activities consist of the traffic park and summer camps for children, thematic events, courses and workshops for youngsters and young adults. The mall youth work center Poppari remains open also during summertime. The only period that usually makes a break in the youth service activities is Christmas holidays. 


Youth houses


In the regional youth houses we offer open evenings as well as group activities and thematic clubs. Activities and opening hours are scheduled by age groups and activities are based on participation, ideas and feedback of the children and youths. The youth houses and their multifunctional facilities are inside the local upper secondary schools. 


Regional youth houses are located in seven areas of Rovaniemi: 


  • Ounasvaara - the youth house Ounari
  • Nivavaara - the youth house Nappari
  • Ylikylä/Vennivaara - the youth house Ylläri
  • Lower Kemijoki area - the youth house Murkku (in Muurola village) 
  • Upper Kemijoki area - the youth house Vantus (in Vanttauskoski village)
  • Lower Ounasjoki area - the youth house Zillari (in Sinettä village). 
  • Korkalovaara - School youth work in the elementary school.

Youth work in schools


In Rovaniemi the youth work in schools is carried out in cooperation between schools and youth services. Cooperation is natural as schools and youth work both support homes in educating children and youngsters. Youth work at schools is primarily available at upper comprehensive schools, but also at primary schools and upper secondary schools depending on requirements and resources. Youth work in schools aims to develop the schools’ activities and to improve the atmosphere and pupils’ motivation by using youth work based methods. Youth workers also organize action based lessons on various topics (intoxicant abuse, bullying, social media, etc.). The presence of youth workers in schools is important because their main purpose there is to be a safe adult contact to the pupils whereas the other professionals working in schools have more responsibilities. 


Flexible basic training class (JOPE) 


In flexible basic training a pupil completes comprehensive school by studying in a small group with the help of flexible education methods. The activities are planned and executed in cooperation with the responsible teacher and a trained youth worker. The aim of the JOPE activity is to provide all the pupils with tools of self-motivation to finish the basic education and continue to further studies. Another aim is to strengthen the pupil's self-esteem, social skills and life management. All the pupils of the flexible basic training get an individual study plan. JOPE applies to different learning environments: project based learning, work placements (7-8 weeks during the school year) as well as camps, day trips and visits. 

In Rovaniemi JOPE classes are available at four schools: Korkalovaara, Ounasvaara and Rantavitikka Comprehensive Schools and the Arctic Circle Upper Comprehensive School.




Experiential youth work

Cultural youth work


Cultural youth work supports young people’s sense of identity and strengthens their life management skills using methods of art, manual activities and other forms of cultural expression. Cultural youth work offers young people opportunities to create and participate in interaction with others. The activities organized in cultural youth work are for example events, group activities, training and courses, gaming and sport.


 ‘Finnish Model’ hobby groups


The Finnish model hobby groups offer the children and youngsters an opportunity to have at least one hobby free of charge. The hobby groups are organized in the premises or proximity of the local basic education schools during or directly after the school day. The hobby group instructors are experienced in each activity and in working with children and young people.


International youth work


International youth work offers international activities and education to young people as well as international training and networking opportunities to youth work professionals. 


 Forms of international activities:


  • European Solidarity Corps projects (individual volunteering, youth exchanges in group, local solidarity projects)

  • Cooperation between sister cities

  • International trainings and seminars

  • Events organized in international cooperation


Youth represential groups


Youth council gives statements, makes presentations and initiatives,  follows and promotes the handling of matters in the city of Rovaniemi. 

The activity of regional participation groups for children and youngsters and development surveys guide the planning of youth work.



Youth work enabling services


The administration is in charge of coordinating economics and appropriate targeting of services, considering the benefits to children and young people. Administration takes care of resourcing staff, services and facilities and answers the evaluation and reporting of actions considering youngsters locally and nationally. The municipality supports local youth activities by granting subsidies to local associations and youth groups. There are two types of subsidies, one that is granted once a year for the youth work done by the associations, another that can be applied for to organize individual youth activities such as events or workshops.


Planning and development


Development work is done together with local and national professionals. It takes into consideration the societal and local needs and phenomena.



Digital youth work


 Digital youth work is the services and activities offered to young people online and using digital media and technology. Youth workers can reach youngsters and give them guidance online using digital tools and platforms. Providing youth information and counselling through the internet as well as chatting with the youngsters via social media are also forms of digital youth work. It is also possible to organise online group activities, campaigns and events like gaming events. 

Digital youth work aims to increase the presence of safe adults in the digital environment. Through digital services it is possible to reach young people who don’t want to or can’t use the face-to-face services due to various reasons.



The premises of Rovaniemi Youth Services 

Youth Office


A homebase for Rovaniemi youth services management is a youth office, which is located on Pohjolankatu 4-6 (2nd floor). 


Targeted youth work -workspace


 Targeted youth work -workspace is located at street level on Pohjolankatu 4-6. It is a homebase for most of the targeted youth work workers.



 Poppari is a homebase for street and mall youth work. It is located in the city center, inside the shopping center Revontuli. Poppari is open mainly all year on, from Tuesday to Saturday. In street youth work the youth workers meet youngsters in their usual meeting places around the urban area. 


Cultural centre Monde


Cultural center Monde offers facilities for a variety of events and especially for cultural activities. The premises were renovated in 2020. Now there is a hall with a performing stage, a café, a recording studio and a digital gaming house Montendo. The youth services use Monde for youth activities. The municipal culture services as well as local associations and individual groups can also make reservations at Monde for organizing activities and events. Also cultural workshops Verstas, Vartti and Roti, International evening club and handicraft group Tuunaamo operate in Monde. 


Rovaniemi Traffic Park


Rovaniemi traffic park offers activities for children during summer holidays in June and July. In 2023 renovated traffic park is located on Miehentie road in the proximity of Korkalovaara Comprehensive School. The children can use the park for practicing the traffic rules with the pedal cars provided by the youth services or with their own bikes and kick-scooters. The youth workers give children traffic education and offer them additional activities like games and crafts. On summer fridays we organize varied theme events such as pony riding, concerts, circus and magician -shows, outdoor sports, handicrafts etc. The summer kiosk serves visitors during opening hours. Activities in the traffic park are free of charge and the park is a homely place for children, youths or the whole family. 


Leirikari camp


Leirikari camp is located by the Kemijoki river 37 kilometers from Rovaniemi via road 81 to Kuusamo direction. Leirikari offers large areas for outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and fishing. The camp center accommodation can be used during the summer and winter. You need to bring your own bed linen, including a blanket and pillow, or sleeping bag, with you. The camping center operates as a self-service facility and there is no restaurant or other services available. It has been mainly designed to serve the needs of child and youth work as well as voluntary associations. The facilities are taken care of by the camping center’s janitor. 


Enquiries about Leirikari as well as group reservations should be addressed to Osviitta Service Centre by email:


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