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Activities and events


Hei everyone! Welcome back to another blog! It´s Krystel! How´s everyone? Hope everyone´s doing great! In this blog I am going to talk about some activities and events that happened during the last past two weeks from Monday 10 September 2018 to Friday 21 September 2018.

On Monday September 10, at Monde was held the Red Cross International Club where a group of volunteers and I discussed about the Tea and Travel Caffé. The Tea and Travel Caffé has a little bit the same purpose as the Red Cross International Club where people from various backgrounds get together to have fun and meet new people. The only difference is that it is more focused on discussing and giving information on travelling, volunteering, etc. If you guys would like to join The Tea and Travel Caffé and/ or the Red Cross International Club please join us every Monday from 18h pm to 20h pm at Monde! Please keep in mind that the Tea and Travel Caffé is from 18h30 pm to 20h pm.

On Tuesday September 11, at the Red Cross we had a bracelet making and sewing class. I’m not good at sewing so it always good when I get to practice from time to time!

On Friday September 14, I along with Ida, Henrietta, Mateusz, Franziska, Spella, and Nemo we went for an 11 km nature trip. We climbed a tower, had a lunch break where we ate sausages, moose meat, buns, mushrooms, and marshmellows. It was my first time eating moose meat and let me tell you guys it was so freakin good! However, the end of our trip was the most funniest because it started to rain pretty heavily but luckily I had my raincoat and my new rain boots on so I was pretty much dry! Nevertheless, it was so cool to be hiking in the forest under the rain! It was an amazing unforgettable experience!

On Monday September 17, at Monde was held the Red Cross International Club. We were a total nine people! It was so much fun getting to know everybody that came! I already knew for four people so I was really happy to meet five new people!

On Tuesday September 18, I along with Mateusz, Franziska, Spella visited 3 different places: the Kulttuuritalo Korundi museum, Tiedekeskus Pilke and Arktikum museum. It was a really educational and fun day where I learned many different things such as Finland’s history, culture, landscape, nature, etc.! It was such a great opportunity and honor to be able to visit these 3 buildings with so much history! I am definitely going to go back there some time!

On Wednesday September 19, at the Red Cross, the women from the Women´s Club brought the food they made for the Red Cross´s Hunger day Collection. For those of you who don’t know what World Hunger Day: it´s an initiative by The Hunger Project founded in 2011 which aims to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. In order to support World Hunger, the Finnish Red Cross decided to donate the money we made from selling food to the fundraiser. There were so many different types of food made: samosas, klecha, bajiya and a lot more. I helped the women put and separate the food in little plastic bags.

I tasted all the foods and they were delicioso! Mervi and Tayeb had the hardest part, their task was to ask the women what ingredients they used, translate it to Finnish and later print them on little papers and stick them on the little plastic bags that contained the food so like that people would know beforehand what they were buying. Before the end of the Women´s Club we decided to make a blue berry pie. It was herkullinen!

On Thursday September 20, the Red Cross Hunger Day Collection event was held at Sampokeskus I went to help Mervi and other Red Cross workers and volunteers to sell the food. We managed to sell some food that day so that was something really positive and inspirational since it shows that people are willing to help others! A big thank you to all the workers, volunteers and customers who helped and donated for the greater good! May many blessings be on your way!