Blog: Voluntary Workers Rovaniemi

Another week in the Rovaniemi


Hei everyone! Welcome back to another blog! It´s Krystel! How´s everyone? Hope everyone´s doing great! In this blog I am going to talk about the activities and events that happened during this week from Monday 3 September 2018 to Sunday 9 2018. This week was a little bit hectic not only at work but at our apartment with renovations going on.

On Monday September 3 2018, I worked at Poppari where I played some ping pong and card games.

On Tuesday September 4 2018, I went to work with the Women´s Club at the Red Cross without knowing that Mervi one of the workers at the Red Cross had a little surprise for us the Women´s Club. For our class that day we were going to learn how to do delicious smoothies. For the first smoothie the ingredients used were blue berries, strawberries, bilberries, chia seeds, oat milk, and plain yoghurt However, things did not go as we planned. The smoothie maker did not work at first. While we were trying to make the smoothie maker work Mervi got the necessary accessories for the women to make bracelets and necklaces so that they could occupy themselves in the meantime. Nevertheless, luckily for us one of the refugee women was able to fix the machine. Consequently, all of us were able to taste and enjoy the first round of smoothies. Everyone enjoyed them so much that we decided to make a different kind of smoothie which its ingredients included an apple, a banana, slices of pineapple, oat milk, chia seeds, plain yoghurt. The second smoothie was much more popular than the first one. It was a really fun, amusing and delicious day!

On Wednesday September 5 2018, I along with a co-worker named Johanna went to an event held at the University of Applied Sciences to promote what our organization and our youth houses Monde and Poppari do. The goal of the event was to promote to students the variety as well as diverse services and organizations that were there to help and benefit them.

It was a great opportunity for students to ask us, mainly Johanna, questions about our organization and the youth services it had to offer. Our goal was to really make sure that students were aware and informed of the Youth Services of Rovaniemi. I really found that it was such a great initiative!

On Thursday September 6 2018, I only had to work at Monde but because of renovations at our apartment I was forced to go to Poppari for an hour or two where coincidentally there was an event for students that was being held. I later found out that it was sort of like a career day event where students were given the opportunity to ask anything they wanted to professionals in different fields.

Afterwards, I went to Monde and found out that we were going to have a little field trip to the International market that was being held at the city center of Rovaniemi from the 6th to the 9th of September! I really enjoyed our little excursion to the market! It was really cool to see the different kinds of food, things and people representing different countries and continents coming together to make others discover their culture.

On Friday September 7 2018, I worked at Monde in the Mondella Kulturkaruselli event (the Cultural Carousel in English) which goal was to introduce visitors to the Rovaniemi's diverse cultural and artistic offerings.

On one hand, there were a lot of stands showcasing the different services such as Rovaniemen kaupungin kansalaisopisto, Rovalan kaupungin ja rovala-opisto (community college), Nuorisoseurojen teatteriharrastus (theater club for the youth), Katukulttuuriyhdistys transcendent (street art, Rovaniemen kuvataidekoulu (art school), Starline Cheer & Dance School, Artic Cheer All Star, Musiikkikoulu Pop Up (music school), Lapin Musiikkiopisto (Lapland Music school), Lapin Tanssiopisto (dance school), Hot Cakes (hip hop dance school), and Siepakat (folk dance school).

On the other hand, there were a lot of dance performances (hip hop, break dance, ballet, and folk) along with musical and instrumental performances (singing, clarinet, guitar and keyboard instrument recitals).

On Saturday September 8 2018, was my day of but I volunteered to take pictures for a Rap concert at Monde of a Finnish Rap artist named Stepa! The concert started at 8 and ended at roughly 10 something! Sorry to tell you guys that I don’t have the pictures with me because I took the pictures with one of Monde´s camera! It was a great concert with a lot of flow yo!