Greetings from our EVS volunteer Karolina !
9.5.2016 14:29

Labas! That’s how you can say “Hi” for me. I am Karolina from Lithuania and I came to Rovaniemi in beginning of March as volunteer. After one month, I would like to share some first impressions about my staying in here. First of all, I were surprised by the amounts of snow you have. It was a challenge to find some spots which would mark my way home from the Monde or city’s library to home. I was happy that with big amounts of snow, it’s not so cold as I imagined. The weather is really surprising in here. I never had seen, that ice would melt just from sunshine when thermometer shows -5. I am waiting to see summer time with sunshine all day and all night…
Of course, I met some people in here as well. It is very nice, that most of them can speak English very well, it is easier for me. So far, I can tell just few words in Finnish as “Terve, mitä kuuluu?”, “Kiitos – ole hyva” and some more basic words. I am willing to learn this language, but it is very hard to pronounce your special letters (ö,ä,å). I had stereotypes that Finnish are very strict people, who are talking always in one tone and not using gesticulations, now I know that I was totally wrong 

During March I was volunteering in Monde, I really like the spirit of this youth center and that everyone in here feels like at home. Digital corner brings some uniqueness in here as well. I am happy to be in here and would like to organize some Lithuanian cultural evening – to share my experiences with everyone who are interested. Also, I am volunteering in library, which has really nice corner for youngsters, so you can visit me in there on Tuesdays as well. Overall, after one month spent in Rovaniemi, I can say, that I found not just nature surprises, but also a lot of similarities among youth centers and friendly people. Kiitos for helping me feel welcome in here. Moi moi.

Greetings: Karolina 

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If you are interested to become an EVS volunteer and want to know more about the projects and opportunities, you can contact youth co-ordinator Hanne Ojuva by email of mobile +358407167693 and we will tell you more how it´s possible! 

Oletko kiinnostunut EVS vapaaehtoisuudesta? Voit ottaa yhteyttä Rovaniemen nuorisopalveluiden nuorisotoiminnan koordinaattori Hanne Ojuvaan, laita mailia: tai soita 040-7167693, kerron sinulle lisää mahdollisuuksistasi! 


Hanne Ojuva