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Modelling for a street fashion show!


Hei everyone! Welcome back to another blog! It´s Krystel! Miten teillä menee? Hope everyone´s doing great! In this blog, I am going to talk about what happened last week focusing primarily on Tuesday November 20 2018, Friday November 23 2018 and Saturday November 24 2018. So without further ado let´s get started!

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On Tuesday November 20 2018, I worked only at Poppari. I had to be there early at 11h30 because we had two French youth workers who came to Poppari to learn more about the Finnish youth services of Rovaniemi. My main job was to translate from English to French if they did not understand what was being said. We had representatives from the Rovaniemi police, from the Youth services of the church, from different schools, etc. I didn’t really have to translate a lot which was refreshing because there were times when I was speaking French and my brain would freeze! Moreover, it was also comforting that they understood what was being said! It was really interesting to learn about the different parties and people that contribute in providing these services for the youth for example the police, church, schools, city youth services, etc. A special thank you to everyone that was present that day and a special thank you to those who made this encounter possible!

On Friday November 23 2018, I worked at Monde. However that day was completely different to what I had to do on usual days. The reason being was that I was going to model for a street fashion show that was going to be held at Monde at 16h. The clothes that I was going to wear were designed by REDU students. The clothes for the fashion show were purchased from flea markets and then were edited panned and renewed by the students. The goal of this fashion show was to show the profitability of recycling and show how you could still be fashionable by wearing cheap second hand clothes.
For those of you who don’t know Lapin koulutuskeskus REDU aka Rovaniemi´s Education and Culture Consortium (REDU): it is the largest organizer of vocational training in Lapland. REDU's organization includes the REDU Lapland Training Center, Lapland´s Sports Institute Santasport and REDU's internal services.

I had two weeks to prepare for the fashion show. On Wednesday November 7 2018, I went to REDU School to try the clothes that I was going to wear for the fashion show. For the fashion show, the students had prepared for me a dress, a see through shirt, a bow belt, a bracelet and high heels. The only problem I had during the fitting was that my shoes were a little bit too big for me. Nonetheless, I really liked my outfit and the bracelet I had. Furthermore, on Saturday November 17 2018, I had to attend a modeling course that was going to be held at Monde at 18.30. I learned the modeling choreography. It wasn’t that easy at first but slowly and steadily I started to understand the steps and poses I had to do! It was my first time ever modeling in my life so you can imagine how nerve racking and exciting everything was for me!

Fashion show video

So on the actual day of the fashion show; I went to a high school at Porokatu 35 to get my makeup done by REDU cosmetics students. There were also REDU hairdresser students there for the models who wanted to get their hair done. After my make-up was done one of the models took me back to Monde in her car. In Monde I practiced with the other models the modeling choreography a few hours before the show. We were not the only ones there. There were other people too preparing for the show that included the restaurant and catering students and other workshops organized by Skilllap, 4H and Moninet. Before the fashion show I had to stuff the high heels I was wearing with a lot of toilet paper since the high heels were too big for me! Nonetheless the fashion show was a success! I did not fall and the high heels I was wearing did not come off! I was happy and relieved when the fashion was over! Nonetheless, it was a fun experience! I met really nice people and did something new that was completely out of my comfort zone! I am very proud of myself for being an adventurous person! I´m sure what you guys are asking yourselves is would I do it again and the answer is yes because I´m always up for an adventure and for the challenges/obstacles life might throw at me! So bring it on!

On Saturday November 24 2018, I worked at Monde for the disco party that was held for 10 to 14 year olds. It was not my first time working at the disco party. The disco party for those of you who don’t know: is an event where kids/teenagers come to dance and party with friends. The entrance fee was 3 euros. Those who paid were automatically stamped on the hand. There were a good amount of kids/teenagers that came to the disco party. My job was to make sure that the kids/teenagers did not take their winter jackets and bags with them on the dance floor. I´m sure you guys are wondering why! The reason is simple it’s that kids/teenagers can be very sneaky at times and fall in to peer pressure when they want to do bad and unsafe things like for example sneak in drugs or alcohol in their bags or winter jackets. I´m sure you guys know the saying “It’s better to be safe than sorry” and that is exactly what my coworkers goal was for those kid/teenagers. The disco party was a hit! Most of the kids seemed content! At the end of the disco party my coworkers and I helped the DJ pack his heavy equipment in their cases. It was a great night filled with a lot of entertainment and laughter! Finnish kids/teenagers don’t know how lucky they are! I wish the youth services of all the countries I lived in provided that for their youth!

Krystel Diedhiou