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Työ ja elinkeinot
Diverse job markets and networks

Diverse job markets and networks is a project funded by European Social Fund. The project provides tailored and individual support and guidance for employment and entrepreneurship. The project offers, for example,

-        Recruitment and information events

-        Personal guidance with job application documents, identifying your own personal skills and making future plans

-        An online course on academic career skills (for those with higher education background). The course focuses on developing one’s self-knowledge and competencies for job hunting, understanding Finnish work-life culture, working on one’s CV and job application documents

-        Morning coffee for job seekers with variety of topics, for example self-employment and entrepreneurship

You can leave your contact information to us through the following link: https://tyollisyyspalvelut.hiutalemedia.fi/ilmoittaudu

More information on the events can be found on Facebook: Työllisyyspalvelut Rovaniemen kaupunki